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Longhorn Beef

1)  Waiver of Liability must be signed before any ranch activity.  All minors must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian or bring a permission slip.

2)  ANSI, SNELL, or ASTM approved helmet must be worn at all times when on a bike.  3)  Obey all posted motor vehicle speed limits.

4)  Fires are permitted in camp ground fire rings only.
5)  Fishing is permitted at your own risk in designated ponds. No swimming permitted.
6)  No public intoxication will be permitted.
7)  Watch for loose livestock.  Close all gates.
8)  Keep bikes off designated fragile environment areas.
9)  Bikes and equipment may be hosed off  at the designated  areas.
10) No smoking in the barn, woods, or open fields.
11) No Hunting
12) Pets must be under good voice control or must be leashed.  All animals on event weekends must be leashed.
13) Bag all trash and place in designated receptacles.
14) Course direction is one way.

15) Enjoy yourself in Gods Creation!

​DAY USE ONLY (per person)        $10.00
CHILDREN 6 - 12                         $5.00
CAMPING/RIDING (per person)    $15.00
CHILDREN  6 - 12                        $7.00
CHILDREN  0 - 5                          free
Bunkhouse (per cot)                    $20.00
​Electric Hook Up (per night)                                15 amp            $7.00                                    30 amp           $10.00                                   
50 amp           $13.00
Longhorn beef and burgers    (see price list)


Up coming events


​May 16 & 17, 2020

"​The Warda Race"




Payment Terms:

         We accept cash and personal check, NO CREDIT CARDS​.


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