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August 6th


Longhorn Beef

New slaughter of longhorn beef arriving 7/19. Steaks and ground beef are available.


Our trails will be open Saturday June 25th 

We have been working on the trails since May 26 and 27 when we had "The great flood". There was at least 

5 to 8 feet of water in the bottom hay field. It also did a lot of damage to our trails. We have repaired 7 miles 

of trails, all the really dangerous wash outs. There will still be on going trail work to make our trails great again.

I would like to thank the Giddings boy scouts, and everyone else who helped us to this point. We will still be 

working every day on the trails if you are interested in helping on trail work please call the ranch 


To see some photos of the damage click on the trail damage link above.  


(979) 242-5894

Bluff Creek Ranch located in the rolling hills 60 miles east of Austin, is a working cattle ranch that has the distinction of being the first Mountain Bike Ranch in Texas.  There are 8 miles of well shaded, rolling, single track trails that wind through hardwoods and pines.  Runners also are encouraged to try out our facilities which include camping, fishing, swimming, picnicking , with full bath facilities.  
​We also sell All Natural Texas Longhorn Beef that is antibiotic and hormone free.  Check-in at the ranch is open from sunrise until 10:00 pm and the trails are open 24 hours for campers.



Monday July 18th, there is a 20% chance of precipitation, with the high temperature of 96 deg. Tuesday July 19th, there is a 10% chance of precipitation, with the high temperature of 98 deg. Wednesday July 20th, there is a 10% chance of precipitation with the high temperature of 100 deg. 

Please call the ranch before you travel.      979-242-5894